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Alternatives to Greylock Center

    While the Greylock Center project is a bad idea, it is still clear that the economy of Adams would benefit from a more appropriate economic development project.

    The Glen is already widely used for recreation and environmental study, so there is reason to think that the environmental education center and improved trail system that are proposed as part of the Center project would be successful, and would help to make the Glen more accessible for recreational use. In addition, the Glen has the potential to serve as the eastern gateway to Mt. Greylock, placed as it as at the mountain's base. If the Department of Environmental Management were to design a visitor's center and educational resources that utilized the mountain, then the Glen could become a much more popular destination for tourists and outdoorspeople headed to Mt. Greylock.

    At the same time, the state should be looking at ways to create new economic projects in downtown Adams, rather than on the Glen. The state would make better use of the available funds if it were to look at ways to revitalize downtown Adams and redevelop some of the abandoned property there.